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Solid Ink Roll Coding Machine

Our company stands tall among the eminent Manufacturers, Importers and Suppliers of Solid Ink Roll Coding Machine. The machines we make available is a compact Table Top Coder and it makes use of instant dry thermo-fusible hot wax ink roll for printing applications. It is used to print B.No., Mfg.Dt., Exp.Dt., M.R.P. Rs., Ingredients, Logos, etc.

Model No :  TTC-35-T



  • This coder is ideal for Automatic High Speed Coding on large quantities of labels & cartons. It delivers high quality multi-line printing at production speeds upto 300 impressions or pieces / minute.
  • The message (upto 6 lines) to be printed is very easily composed by just assembling the brass / copper stereos (easily changeable) by pushing them onto the rods on the print drum and locking them into place. The Inking system consists of a replaceable circular hot wax cartridge, which is suitable for porous and non-porous surfaces. The stereos & the ink cartridge are heated to a temperature of around 150 deg. C & this heated ink is used for printing on the substrate, so it is instant drying.
  • The labels / cartons are stacked or fed individually in the input tray for feeding, automatically picked up one by one by the reverse roller, passed under the print head & stacked in the collection tray at very high speeds. The location of printing is electronically settable by trim-pots so that the printing is done exactly at the same location every time.
  • Also a preset counter is present where you can set your production batch & the coder stops automatically when the desired production is over.

Features :

  • The cartons / labels can be just left one after the other for automatic printing or can be stacked & automatically picked up.
  • Print-Dry solid wax ink system for uniform, clean & sharp registered printing with no drying time. Built in temperature control, production batch counter with reset, electronic printing location control for accurate registration, compact size and high speed.
  • The coder has been designed to reduce to a minimum production downtimes due to cartridge re-inking, thus eliminating prolonged, costly stops. Also, due to heated ink, the print dries instantly & it is not possible to get smudging in printing at all.
  • Both R-type & T-type brass stereos can be accommodated for printing along the length or across the line of film or product travel respectively, so that the print comes at desired location with correct alignment.


Supply Voltage 30 Vac ± 10%, 180 W
Substrate Labels / Cartons
Substrate size 40 X 20 mm to 200 X 380 mm
Printing Area Max. 5 lines 10 letters per line (35 mm X 60 mm)
Printing Speed Max. 300 imprints / min. using stepping clutch.
Prints using Easily Changeable Brass / Copper stereos 2/2.5/3 mm
Printing Medium Instant drying wax ink (Black, Blue, Red*, White*, etc.)
Inking Medium Instant dry thermo-fusible hot wax ink roll.
Impressions Appx. 1,00,000 per 32-mm. replaceable cartridge.
Size / Weight 440 mm L X 340 mm W X 260 mm H / 30 Kgs